Scan It, Cook It – Digimarc App for your Smartphone

Have you seen Cooking Light magazines new mobile Scan It, Cook It app for your smartphone?

CL Scan It Cook It Digimarc | Inspiration KitchenI love it!  And, I think you will too.

With the Digimarc app installed, you can flip through the magazine and if you see a recipe you like, hold your smartphone above a recipe photo, and it will auto-magically recognize the image and save the recipe and photo to your MyRecipes file.

How simple is that?

I love the idea that you can not only save recipes, but share them or make a grocery list with just one click.

It’s so convenient!

I didn’t blog about it until now, because I wanted to use it for a few months to see how well it worked.  I can tell you ~ I’ve been using it for several months now, and it works great!

All you need to do is download the free Digimarc Discover App to your smartphone, start the Digimarc app when see a recipe you like in Cooking Light, hold your camera phone 4-6 inches from the photo and let it auto-focus and take a picture.  It’s that simple.

You must have a MyRecipes account set up (it’s free too!), and its really easy to get.

At Cooking Light’s MyRecipes site, they have a video on How To Use the Scan It/Cook It! app, and also an article on How To Use It Scan It/Cook It! Digital Features so that you can learn more.

p.s.  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I’m sharing this because I actually love and use the app, and Cooking Light is my all-time favorite cooking magazine!

Thanks to all the folks at Cooking Light & Digimarc for making our busy lives easier!

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