Noshin’ On…

Because I never get tired of good eats.  Check out the seriously great finds that have me droolin’ this week.  I think I’m in love.

inspirationeverywhere01Don’t you just want to bury your face in these syrup-y Chocolate Chip Waffles?

And, I could totally eat an entire Chocolate Stout Cherry Pie by myself.

And, I’m thinkin’ that these sweet, festive Red, White & Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies for the 4th of July could not possibly be any cuter.

And, I can’t imagine I could eat any less than a dozen Peach Pie Pops before I was satisfied.  FAB-u-lous!

I’m still dreaming about this Peach, Blueberry & Basil Crisp.  Who does not love a good berry crisp topped with Vanilla Ice Cream?  Oh, yes!

Do these Raspberry Pecan Scones just not look completely delightful and raspberryish?  You know how I love me some raspberries!

And, here’s some healthy yum in a bowl with this Healthy Red Potato & Dill Salad.

Now…I’ve never had a Lemon Drop, but I’d sure like to try this Sparkling Lemon Drop cocktail because it looks so refreshing!

Break out the chips and pass me this Roasted Corn & Red Pepper Guacamole dip!

OMGosh…finally…I’ve been looking for a new Salmon burger recipe and it’s finally here @ Salmon Cakes with Lemon Shallot Orzo.

There are three words I love when it’s cherry season:  Easy Cherry Tart.

My oh my oh my.  Can you imagine devouring these 30 Second Chocolate Turtle Cookie Sundaes?

I think I just fainted.



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