Southwest Chicken Quesadilla

Time for a serious question. Did you all hear me crying on Monday?

Well, I did. At 10:00 a.m. exactly in the UPS Office as I handed off my camera for repair. If you have a Nikon D600, you NEED to READ THIS Nikon D600 Technical Service Advisory.

Chicken Quesadilla Nikon Package | Inspiration Kitchen-0017

My heart is breaking. I just lost my BFF.  Because, I suspect this repair will take a while.  WAHHHH!!!

To help hurry them along, I put a little love note in the package. To uh…, ‘encourage’ them, ya know?

Chicken Quesadilla Nikon Note | Inspiration Kitchen-0003Think it will help?

So, from here on out until further notice, all bets are off on the photo quality here at IK, mmmm, k?

Becauseeeee…I had to go back to my back-up camera. The same camera I put in ‘time-out’ a bit over a year ago for bad behaviorSee???  She copped an attitude.


Looking at that post now (yikes!) I see why it was such a complete failure.  F36???  Who does that??? Ummm…that would be me, she said sheepishly.

Anyhoo… I did as threatened.  I tossed that little stinker aside and got a new camera. And now…a year later, I’m begging old faithful back. Feeling very humbled and uh, embarrassed, photography-wise.

Because, in the meantime, I’ve actually learned a thing-or-two-million about cameras.  And since the new camera had to go into service, and the old camera – rusty from it’s time-out – is still going strong…mmm dare I say? I was wrong.  It’s not you.  It’s me. It’s totally me.

Do you think saying “I’m very, very sorry” is enough?  One can only wait and see.

Now, for the good stuff. FOOD!  Auuuugh!!! Finally a Chicken Quesadilla recipe that is so worth it.

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-122

I’ve ordered Quesadillas out a time or two, but have never made them.  Because, I was always disappointed in what I got.  But now, that’s all changed.  And, I’ll probably never order them out again.  These were ssssoooo much better!

These quesadillas – like my ultra faithful, { {squeez} I love-you-so-much  {squeez} } Nikon D90 camera, were the best (p.s. was that too much? to over the top?  remember… I need to suck up here!)

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this totally awesome quesadilla. It won’t let you down.  Just like my old faithful camera.  Now, let’s do this!

Place a tortilla in a pie plate.

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-31

Top it with cheese.  I used a mixture of cheddar and four cheese blend.  These are his (left) and hers (right tortillas). Make the size that works for you!

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-33

Load it with lots of diced or shredded chicken!

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-39

Now for your favorite goodies!  Isn’t it so bright and colorful?

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-50

Then, either top it with another tortilla (to make a full-size portion), or fold your tortilla in half (to make a half-size portion).

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-73

Bake for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and tortilla is heated through.

Southwest Chicken Quesadilla | Inspiration Kitchen-101Absolutely beautiful!

You just can’t buy this perfection in a restaurant.

Now, this recipe doesn’t give you specific measurements.  That’s because it depends on how many quesadillas you want to make!  A full-size portion will make 6 cut pieces of quesadilla, while a half-size (one tortilla folded in half) will make 3 cut pieces.  His and hers. 🙂


Southwest Chicken Quesadilla
Recipe type: Main Dish
  • flour tortillas
  • cheddar or four-cheese blend cheese, shredded
  • chicken, cooked and diced
  • black beans, drained
  • corn, frozen or canned and drained
  • jalapenos, diced
  • onions, diced
  • roasted red pepper, diced
  1. Spray a pie plate (or two!) lightly with cooking spray.
  2. Place a tortilla in the bottom of the pie plate.
  3. Note: If you are making a full-size quesadilla, you will top the entire tortilla with the following ingredients. If you are making a half-size quesadilla, you will top only ½ of the tortilla with the folliowing ingredients:
  4. Top generously with cheese, chicken, black beans, corn, jalapenos, onions, and roasted red peppers. Add additional cheese on top.
  5. Place another tortilla on top OR fold the bottom tortilla in half.
  6. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted and quesadilla is heated through.
  7. Remove, slice and serve.



  1. says

    Gosh!!!!! I am sooooo sorry about the camera!!!!!!! 🙁 I bet the note will work its magic! That little heart in the ‘O’ is so CUTE!!!! These quesadillas look soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!! Since I’m practically hungry all the time, I’m going to top my tortilla with another one !!!! YUUU—UMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Samina | The Cupcake Confession recently posted…Strawberry Espresso Con PannaMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Samina! I hope the heart in the O is just what it takes to get my camera back soon. I really miss it! Have a wonderful week!

  2. says

    These photos look lovely although you used your backup camera.. 🙂 I hope you get your “BFF” back very soon! I was looking at getting the Canon D600, do you think it´s worthit? Oh and the recipe looks Xx
    Johlene recently posted…Red Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Johlene! The quesadillas were taken with the D600 before it left, the box and note were taken with the D90. There is noticeable difference in picture quality. 🙁 As far as the Canon. I don’t know Canon much (since I have Nikon), but what I know about the better, higher end cameras is: (1) they will see a lot more in the photo than less expensive cameras (dust, fuzzles, etc.) because the image quality is so good and (2) typically, you can set a higher ISO without getting grainy-ness in your photos – which is super important for me because I’m always in low light situations. If you want more information on that, PM me via the email link on the blog and I’ll tell you all about it. I’ve learned a ton about lighting and how to do the best with the camera in low light! Have a great day!

    • says

      Certain D600’s have had visible spots on the image caused by oil and dust particles. They’ve offered to include an inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly from the shutter mechanism. I’ve experienced a lot of spots over the last year – so I opted to send it in to get the shutter mechanism replaced! Thanks for the compliment on the quesadillas Cindy. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • says

      Thank you Consuelo! Send good mojo to Nikon! Hahaha! Yes, the quesadillas were good! I wish you were here – we’d enjoy them together! 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend my friend!

  3. says

    Firstly, I LOVE the blog’s new look! It’s gorgeous! As is this recipe, I am a big fan of quesdillas, and Mexican food in general 🙂 And your camera thing made me laugh. I feel that way about my old camera lens. Since I got my 50mm, my 18-50 has been totally neglected, but I know I’ll need to go crawling back to it someday…
    ✽. aimée .✽ / recently posted…Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream {Vegan}My Profile

    • says

      Hahaha! Yea, I’m grateful I have the D90 but my goodness, it has taken some getting used too. 🙁 I’m just hoping my camera comes back soon! Have a great week Aimee!

  4. says

    So sorry about your camera!! That’s the worst 🙁 hope it’s better soon!

    I’ve been craving a quesadilla forEVER it feels like, but in London Mexican food isn’t all that great :/ this looks soooo good though, and I love that you just throw it in the oven! So smart, because I always get fillings everywhere trying to flip a loaded quesadilla. Pinned!
    Rachel @ Bakerita recently posted…Abroad Bites: Berlin & AmsterdamMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for the pin Rachel! Yes, these do NOT need to be flipped. The crust ame out just right – if I would’ve have to flip these, I would’ve been in big trouble, because they were stuffed!

    • Mario says

      Just made these & I’m already OBSESSED. Definitely making these in a double or triple batch next time – I only got 6 out of this recipe because someone in my house discovered the filling and magically two cups disappeared! I also used your taco seasoning and it was absolutely delicious (and cheap since I already had everything on hand). I used to buy the Lean Cuisine version – no more. 🙂

    • says

      I hope so too Christin. They emailed me today saying they received it. The problem is, UPS said they received it on the 6th. I really hope they hurry. Adjusting to a new camera is hard!

  5. westindya says

    you totally inspired me with this. I never thought of using my pie pans. Dinner and Bkfst are set for the next couple of days! Thanks!


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